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The first game of the 2012 Spring  Alpharetta Flag Football Season will be played on Sunday March 25, 2012.   The deadline for registration and payment will be on Saturday March 3, 2012.  There will be 7 regular season games plus playoffs.  If you want to register as an individual or a team (click here).


Are you interested in forming a team? Do you need a few additional players to complete your roster? If so, Alpharetta Flag Football can help you with some other individuals who have signed up!  For those who do not have a team on which to participate,  Just contact us and we will put you on a team.  This is a great way to meet new people and participate in the fun.



              Upcoming Events! 


                  '12 Upcoming Sunday Spring Flag Football Games

                                                             May 20, 2012 - Playoffs & Championship

12pm #5 Prestige Worldwide           vs  #6 Coyotes

  1pm Winner 12pm                            vs  #1 Zip Em Up

  2pm #4 Red Zone                             vs  #2 Rule 76
  3pm Winner 1pm                              vs  Winner 2pm - AFC Championship
#2 Sour Patch Kids                 vs  #3 Footballsaurus
#1 Pirates Never Die              vs  Winner 4pm

  6pm Winner 3pm                              vs  Winner 5pm - Championship Game

Previous Premier League Champions

2012 Winter Alpharetta Flag Football MVP'S


Offensive MVP

Adam L. (Sour Patch Kids)

(46-80) 15 Pass TD,

3 Rush TD, 91.7 QB Rating,

58% Completion Rating

Overall MVP

Andy E. (Ten Yard Fight)

18 Rec, 4 Rec TD, 1 Pass TD

16 Pulls, 3 INT

Defensive MVP

Adam S. (Prestige)

30 Pulls, 1 Sack, 1 INT


Welcome to the Alpharetta Flag Football 7-Man Flag Football website.  The 2012 Spring Flag Football Season's first game will be played on Sunday March 25, 2012 starting at 11 a.m.  All request for certain game times will be honored to the best of the Alpharetta Flag Football Leagues ability.  The deadline for registration and payment will be on Saturday March 3, 2012.  The games will be played at New Prospect Elementary in AlpharettaEveryone is welcome to play whether you are a beginner, advanced, or new to the game - come join us for a great time.


Our Spring season will consist of  7 regular season games with the addition of playoff games, and every team will make playoffs.  Also playoff's are single game elimination.    All games will begin on Sunday afternoon/evening.  We also keep individual and team stats, players of the week, weekly scores, league standings, league leaders and post them up online so you can see where you rank among the best in the league.  Each game is roughly an hour long starting at 11a.m. each Sunday.



We accept team registration and individual registration for players who could  not get their own team together.  We will put you on a team with other players who also could not get a team together.  Each team is responsible for a $700 team registration fee or $70 individual fee which includes team tee's with numbers, referee fees, field fees, field maintenance, and league flags will be provided each week. 


To Register your team or as an individualclick here

For questions contact our staff either byclicking here, or email us at


General Overview:

The games consist of two 22-minute halves with a continuous clock that only stops in the final 2 minutes of the second half.

Each team receives 2 timeouts per half

The fields dimensions are 80 yards in length, 40 yards in width, and 10 yard end zones. 

Their is only 1 regular kickoff each half from the 20 yard line.

After each scoring drive the opposing team will take the ball on it's own 20 yard line.

First downs are made after reaching each 20 yard line marker.

Scoring is 6 points for a touchdown, extra points are 1 point from the 3 yard line, 2 points from the 9 yard line.

In case of a tie with overall team records.  Playoff standing will be made on heads up play.  If their is still a tie, standings will be based on total points allowed defensively by each team.


Field Dimensions:

The 80-yard flag football field is divided into four zones and two 10-yard end zones.  There are two goal lines, two 20-yard lines and the 40-yard line (midfield).  Each team has a set of four downs (plays) to advance the ball from one 20-yard zone to the next while getting first downs along the way.  Each  team is required to have four people on the line of scrimmage at the snap of the ball, but all players may start on the offensive play while on the line. All players are eligible to throw or receive a pass and are not restricted by positioning. Only one player may be in motion prior to the snap.  For a complete set of rules pleaseclick here or on the link above that says League Rules.


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